Agile Adoption - Challenges and Strategies for New Teams

Rachel Weston, Rally Software Development

In coaching diverse teams on their roads to agile adoption, Rachel Weston has had the opportunity to witness and assist with the different challenges and pitfalls they experience. While each team is unique, a constant and focused "inspect-and-adapt" process has allowed them to identify their current pain points and develop personalized plans for handling them. Rachel examines some of the most common challenges and pitfalls including useless and frustrating daily stand-ups, team over-commitment, backlogs not prepared for planning, difficulties in role transitions, and more. Examine the behaviors that lead to these challenges and learn real-world solutions to help you succeed-an inspect-and-adapt focus through frequent retrospectives, implementing action plans for change, developing a schedule for constant planning from visioning to well-run daily stand-ups, and backlog grooming techniques to help your team stay focused on value delivery. Return with a toolkit of approaches to help your new agile team get off to the right start.

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