Adventures in Test Automation of Embedded Systems

Jon Hagar, Jon Hagar Educational Services

Has your organization ever wondered about the various types, levels, and approaches to automation in testing embedded software-systems, and how you "stack up" in using them? Examine both the common test automation practices and unique particular problems by acquiring reference pints to compare against. Receive both introduction material and pointers in areas such as levels of tests (unit, integration, software, and system), techniques for generating inputs and outputs, types of testing (structural, functional, and behavioral), and active research. Focus will be on techniques, tools and approaches that have been successful in a variety of real world industrial settings. A decision flow graph will be included as a road map/checklist that you can take home to guide your organization's quests for excellence.

  • Road map for assessing and improving embedded test automations
  • Summary of embedded test automation levels, techniques, and types
  • Overview of new developments in embedded test automation

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