Adopting and Implementing the Right Mobile Testing Strategy

PRabhu Meruga, CSS Corp

With the expansion of mobile platforms, software development and testing services have expanded also. A wide variety of applications are entering the consumer world as native, mobile web, and hybrid applications. Adding to this complexity, multiple operating systems, browsers, networks, and BYOD (bring your own device) are used. Successful deployment and adoption of these applications in the consumer world requires a robust, flexible, and scalable testing strategy. PRabhu Meruga shares his thoughts on approaching the complex and dynamic environment of mobile applications testing with a focus on optimization of testing effort, enhanced coverage, and quality with confidence. Join PRabhu to explore the world of mobile applications testing with emphasis on the Start, Grow, and Transform model that focuses on end-to-end testing strategy for mobile applications covering testing tools selection, cross browser and operating system compatibility, device testing, network testing, multipoint function failure, cloud-based testing solutions, and data security testing.

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