Adding Measurement to Reviews

Riley Rice, Booz Allen Hamilton

Conceptually, most testers and developers agree that reviews and inspections of software designs and code can improve software and reduce development costs. However, most are unaware that measuring reviews and inspections greatly magnifies these improvements and savings. Riley Rice presents data from more than 4,000 real-world software projects in different domains-defense, commercial, and government. He compares the results of three scenarios: doing few or no reviews, doing unmeasured reviews, and doing measured reviews. For each scenario, Riley compares resulting metrics: defects delivered to customers, total project pre-release costs, total project post-release costs, total project lifecycle costs, project duration, mean time between failures, and productivity. The results are surprising-measured reviews are substantially more effective-and go far beyond what most people would expect. Learn how the effectiveness of inspections and reviews is significantly improved by the simple act of measuring them.

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