Perfecto White Paper | Best Practices for Expanding Quality into the Build Cycle

Best Practices for Expanding Quality into the Build Cycle

Building quality into development is now an imperative for all software-intensive companies. Agile development approaches are finding their way into more of these organizations as the pace of mobile demands faster and more efficient releases. Yet “agile” is not a free lunch.

For companies committed to agile and fast feedback, it's necessary to do more testing during the development phase. Testing early and often is key to achieving digital quality and faster release cycles. But “shifting left” is hard work.

Download this white paper from Perfecto to learn what it takes to shift left, including:

  • How early you should test and the ideal testing frequency
  • How to limit your work in progress and alleviate a testing bottleneck
  • Using a test-first approach to achieve higher automated test coverage
  • Balancing continuous integration testing costs against delayed feedback costs

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