Parasoft | Revolutionize Your API Testing Practice by Leveraging AI

Revolutionize Your API Testing Practice by Leveraging AI

Testing at the API level manually requires specialized skills and tools in order to get comprehensive test coverage. It’s not intuitive. There are tools that exist in the market that are trying to help organizations build an API testing strategy, but the vast majority of them require a high degree of technical expertise to build comprehensive API tests. Additionally, testers still need to understand how the APIs work, which requires domain knowledge. As a result, organizations tend to do the bare minimum for API testing, which is counter to where agile teams need to go.

The only way to solve this industry problem is to build tools that take the complexity out of API testing. Artificial intelligence is simplifying the challenge of API testing for testers across the industry by translating manual testing activities into meaningful, automated API testing scenarios. This lowers the technical skills required to adopt API testing and helps organizations build a comprehensive API testing strategy that scales.

Read this white paper to learn how you can leverage artificial intelligence to bring in a manageable, maintainable, and scalable API testing strategy.

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