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Ugly Baby Syndrome

We testers have a delicate job. Sometimes we need to look the proud parents of a newborn software application right in the eye and tell them "You have an ugly baby!" This article tackles the best way testers can tell someone that they have an ugly baby.

David Whalen
Project Management Planning – Checklist, Template, Guidelines (Template)

This checklist is a recommended guideline for the content of project management planing documentation

A project management planing document is applicable to any and all phases of a system / product life cycle.  The PMP may be applied to any type of computer system, software application development, or computer related project, regardless of the scope, size, complexity, or criticality.  The PMP is applicable to all forms of computer system product delivery media, including client/server, web-based, firmware, embedded systems code, programmable logic arrays, and software-in-silicon.  


Sidney Snook
Testing Justification Checklist (Template)

This checklist summarizes the steps for securing an investment in testing. The process is neither sequential, nor automatic. That's part of the point. This is essentially a mechanism for securing investment (resources and commitment) to produce some value for the organization.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Stranger in a Strange Land: Bringing Quality Assurance to a Web Startup

As a veteran of two startups,, a travel Web site, and Tensegrent, a software development company, I have learned some lessons the hard way about implementing quality assurance in a web startup environment. This paper gives some guidelines based on this experience: How to get buy-in from management, how to educate yourself about Web testing, how to implement a useful process, how to prevent a testing bottleneck.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin

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