managing change


Taming the Turbulence of Change

To truly reduce the turbulence of change, you may first need to simply accept that turbulence is coming, instead of trying to prevent it. By understanding that everyone responds differently to change, and allowing for a period of turbulence, you'll enable everyone to move more quickly past it.

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Understanding Loss: A Key to Managing Change

By understanding the type of loss that you, or someone on your team has experienced, you enable yourself to process it, grow, and move forward. Sometimes even the gain of one thing means the loss of another. Losses and gains are ultimately changes, which aren't always easy to deal with.

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How to Manage the Hurly-Burly Hubbub of Change

Giving yourself, and your team, the necessary time to adapt to and move on from change is the healthiest way to make sure that everyone is back on the same page in a timely manner. Learn how to avoid prolonging the necessary time to "heal" by minimizing turbulence.

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