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Testing Your Apps Picture Imperfect: Methods for Testing How Your App Handles Images

On a website and in digital files, images present a set of complications and differentiations that you need to keep in mind when your application receives and presents them. Your application might rely on a library, plugin, or service built somewhere else to handle this image management, so you should test the image uploader to ensure it works correctly and handles common points of failure. Here are some things to watch out for.

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Test Improvement for Highly Reliable NYSE Trading Systems

With billions of dollars changing hands every day, financial trading systems demand extremely high accuracy and reliability. So, how do you improve test process performance in the areas of time to market and efficiency and at the same time reduce failures? Over the last three years, using process and project measurement data as a guide, SIAC has focused on doing exactly that. Steve Boycan highlights the key elements of the process changes that have led to SIAC's current performance: the use of a rigorous requirements engineering process; controlled parallel and iterative work flows; changes to the level of abstraction in test documentation; emphasis on test planning, analysis, and design; causal analysis; and improving the test team's skills.

Steve Boycan, SIAC

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