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Smiling robot The Future of Software Testing

Many software testers have opinions about the future of their profession. Here, László Szegedi takes a look at how today's realities could shape tomorrow's possibilities for testers when it comes to new skills and technologies, roles and dynamics, and tools and devices. What could your job look like a decade or more from now?

László Szegedi's picture László Szegedi
Crowd of people Crowdtesting: A Personal Account

When you have a project with a lot of moving parts but not a lot of time, crowdsourced testing may be the way to go. But how do you manage many people in varied locations when you haven't even met them? Yaron Kottler gives his account of finding and leading eighty testers for an international campaign—the challenges and his solutions.

Yaron Kottler's picture Yaron Kottler
Ubertesters logo One Experience with Ubertesters, a Mobile Test Management Platform

Many companies creating mobile apps struggle to find the time to test on a variety of devices, organize bug reports, and resolve issues efficiently. Andrew White’s organization tried Ubertesters, a platform that provides a team of mobile testers and a set of features for feedback. This is his account of how it affected their test process.

Andrew White's picture Andrew White
Crowdsourced Testing Crowdsourced Testing Lets Your Apps “Go Wild”

It simply isn’t feasible to test every possible user scenario with a new app, and the testers who already know how the app should perform can't approach using it the same way as someone unfamiliar with the process. Enter crowdsourced testing, where you gather a customizable pool of people from outside your organization to test your apps for defects and usability.

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Greg Avola CTO, developer, and cofounder of Untappd On Beer, Mobile Development, and Crowdsourced Testing: An Interview with Greg Avola

Greg Avola is the CTO, developer, and cofounder of Untappd, the popular social beer network. In this interview, Greg discusses fast-paced mobile development, crowdsourced testing, and new testing tools that can help you navigate many different mobile platforms.

Jonathan Vanian's picture Jonathan Vanian
Implementing Innovative Crowdsourced Testing: An Interview with Rajini Padmanaban

In this interview, Rajini Padmanaban shares some of the innovation being created through crowdsourced testing. Its immense versatility helps provide a fantastic return on investment for projects of all sizes; have you begun implementing crowdsourcing yet? Here's why you should consider it.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst

Conference Presentations

Best Practices for Implementing Crowdsourced Testing

Global markets, quick time to market, and a feature-rich design are major drivers in determining many products’ success. Product companies and businesses with customer-facing systems are constantly on the lookout for innovative development and testing techniques to control these driving forces. One such software testing technique gaining popularity is crowdsourced testing. With its scale, flexibility, cost effectiveness, and fast turnaround, crowdsourcing brings new solutions to many testing problems. Is it a perfect solution for all product companies to leverage? Not necessarily. Rajini Padmanaban describes the best practices in implementing a crowdsourced test effort. She discusses whether or not crowdsourcing makes sense for a given product; what, when, and how to crowdsource; what risks exist; and how to mitigate the risks.

Rajini Padmanaban, QA InfoTech

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