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treasure chest Are You Ever Blind to the Obvious?

Sometimes we get so set in our ways that we fail to notice an easier way to do things, simply because it's not the way we typically solve a problem. By allowing ourselves to use different parts of our brain to accomplish even simple tasks, we won't continue to limit our growth.

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Staying on the Critical Path

Connect with an expert to learn how to work smarter and discover new ways to uncover more defects. Michael Bolton leads us further down the path to successful critical thinking by teaching us the kinds of questions we should ask to obtain the most useful information.

Michael Bolton's picture Michael Bolton
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Connect with an expert to learn how to work smarter and learn new techniques to uncover more defects. In the first installment of this recurring column, Michael Bolton revels in the joy of discovery.

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Alan Page From One Expert to Another: Alan Page on Critical Thinking

Alan Page has done his share of hands-on testing and team management in his years at Microsoft (he's also the co-author of How We Test Software at Microsoft). Alan discusses the importance of honing your critical-thinking skills and offers some tips for out-of-box thinking.

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