conflict management


Nasty Knuckleheads? Not!

When two parties within the same company begin to bicker and disagree, things can go downhill quickly. Neither party may want to accept the blame for the poor relationship, but an improvement must be made in the communication between the two parties so that the disagreements don't extend further.

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Reflections on a Moment of Conflict

Everyone can recall a moment in their life where there was conflict with a coworker, or team member. How did you handle that situation? How did the other party involved handle it? By taking a minute to look at how either of you could've acted instead, you may be able to prevent a future incident.

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Unsolvable Conflict on Agile Teams

Do you ever get the feeling that some conflict just can't be solved? The team members in conflict address the issue, it seems to go away but then it comes back. Maybe all dressed up in a new situation or with a different level of intensity, but the conflict is somehow familiar and you know that it has undoubtedly returned. If the team uses humor as a stress-reliever, you may even hear the conflict turned into a sarcastic half-joke, "OK team, just to put you on notice. Julie hates me again." Sounds almost like a marriage, doesn't it?

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