Ken Kousen discusses Android development Inside Android Development: An Interview with Ken Kousen

In this interview, Ken Kousen of Kousen IT Inc. talks about all things Android development and his upcoming presentation at Mobile Dev + Test. Kousen covers the present and future state of Android development, the skills needed to be successful, and the advantages Android has over rival Apple.

Cameron Philipp-Edmonds's picture Cameron Philipp-Edmonds
IT leadership specialist Eric Bloom From Steve Jobs's Leadership Style to IT's Evolution in the Workplace: An Interview with Eric Bloom—Part 1

Eric Bloom is a writer for TechWell and is the president and CTO of Manager Mechanics LLC. In part one of this interview, Eric discusses a new class he is working on based on Steve Jobs's leadership style, the importance of product ownership, and thinking outside your given role.

Jonathan Vanian's picture Jonathan Vanian

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