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Agile DevOps West Case Study: An Engineering-Focused, Scaled Agile Rollout at Standard & Poor's[presentation]

A large company moves to agile, but when the going gets tough, they abandon all their agile processes and revert to old ways—which are now a combination of Scrum and waterfall—and delivery is worse than before they started.

Stan Guzik
Agile DevOps West Teaming in Agility: The Art of Excellence [presentation]

Forming around an initiative to deliver productive outcomes can challenge the strongest of teams. It is even more difficult for individuals coming together during the transition.

Nabila Safdar
The Lost Art of Live Communication: Get Connected to Your Customers [presentation]

Have you ever been in the same room with coworkers and sent them a Slack or text message instead of having a live conversation?

Jennifer Bonine
Agile DevOps West Sparking End-to-End Agility[presentation]

Nationwide Insurance had a "Scrummerfall" approach, with long, linear, upfront planning cycles that eventually fed work to agile delivery teams, only to then have the completed work languish in further waterfall steps toward deployment.

Sanjiv Augustine
Agile DevOps West An Agile Fireside Chat with Bob Galen[presentation]

Come get your questions answered by an agile expert! We won't have an actual fireside, but Bob Galen will be on hand to answer your questions and discuss the topics that are most important to you.

Bob Galen
Agile DevOps West DevOps: A Journey of Automation That's Worth the Wait[presentation]

Continuous delivery is really about one thing: quickly responding to market changes. As with many teams, Shareen Gurley and Narasimha Yalamala's journey began with automation, which seemed never-ending.

Shareen Gurley
Agile DevOps West Creating High-Performing Teams at Spotify[presentation]

In a scaled agile world of practitioners with diverse software development experience, how should leaders and coaches support teams' continuous improvement and ensure they are using best practices in engineering, ways of working, and cultu

Catherine Fleres
Agile DevOps West Pushing Pennies: Playing with the Principles of Product Development Flow[presentation]

Most agile practitioners first learn by reading a book, taking a class, or attending local meetings. But learning concepts works best when we can put some concrete examples and practice behind the theory.

Bill DeVoe
Agile DevOps West Hunting Sasquatch: Finding Intermittent Issues Using Periodic Automation[presentation]

In pop culture, Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot) is an ape-like creature infrequently seen in the Pacific Northwest of North America—if he even exists.

Paul Grizzaffi
Agile DevOps West Escaping the 9 Circles of Agile Hell[presentation]

Does it feel like you're toiling away in agile hell? Fear not—you don't have to be confined there for all eternity.

David Bujard
Agile DevOps West Who Owns Quality in Agile?[presentation]

What do you mean, who owns quality? The quality assurance team, of course—the kings and queens of quality, the masters of the tests, the lords of the sign-off.

Katy Sherman
Agile DevOps West The 7 Deadly Sins of DevOps[presentation]

Do you know teams that are merely doing "cargo cult DevOps"? Near the end of WWII, the Allies had airstrips on many islands in the south Pacific.

Larry Maccherone
Agile DevOps West DevOpsing Your Greenfield: Cultivating New Growth[presentation]

Your project sponsor presents a golden opportunity with a brand-new project, saying, "I want to do some DevOps on our new agile project!" Sigh.

Richard Mills
Agile DevOps West Fantastic Outcomes and How to Measure Them[presentation]

Do your metrics track what matters most to your organization, or do they merely quantify your adherence to a process? Is that process a good proxy for real results? In your environment? How do you know?

Cheryl Hammond
Agile DevOps West Engaging the Other Half of the Room[presentation]

Do you often attend meetings or events where participation is left to only half the room, while the others sit quietly, waiting for it to be over?

Todd Miller


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