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Agile + DevOps East Legacy Code and Testing: Let's Energize It![presentation]

Do you want to apply test automation to decade-old spaghetti code but aren't sure where to start? Many teams talk about needing automated tests in order to deliver faster, better quality but don't know just how to get there.

Leslie Lowman
Agile + DevOps East Deception and Estimation: How We Fool Ourselves[presentation]

Offering examples from ordinary life, Linda Rising will demonstrate how hard it is for us to see our poor estimating skills, and then she’ll turn it around and give practical advice on living and working with the self-deception that is hardwired in all of us.

Linda Rising
Agile + DevOps East Agile Assessment: Helpful Remedy or Harmful Toxin?[presentation]

Agile is a set of values and a mindset. As such, it can be hard to answer questions that leaders often ask, like: How agile are we? Are we getting more agile? What are the growth opportunities for our team?

Dan Neumann
Agile + DevOps East The Evolving Role of Manager in an Agile Environment[presentation]

As teams become agile, are managers still relevant? Companies adopting agile are faced with many challenges, not the least of which is redefining some of the traditional roles.

Bharat Nagpal
Agile + DevOps East Changing Tires on a Moving Car: A Journey to Zero-Downtime Deployments[presentation]

Applications built over the years carry historical design assumptions, such as that a few hours of downtime for maintenance upgrades every six months is acceptable. Today, embracing continuous delivery practices means more frequent releases, which means more downtime.

Pierre Vincent
Agile + DevOps East The Psychology of Chaos Engineering[presentation]

Chaos engineering, failure injection, and similar practices have verified benefits to the resilience of systems and infrastructure. But can they provide similar resilience to teams and people? What are the effects and impacts on the humans involved in the systems?

Matty Stratton
Agile + DevOps East Stabilizing Continuous Testing in DevOps [presentation]

Software testing lags behind the pace of features development and digital innovation. Despite recent advancements, testing remains one of the biggest challenges in DevOps.

Eran Kinsbruner
Agile + DevOps East KonMari Your Backlog: Tidying Up Those PBIs[presentation]

Have you tidied up your personal life with Marie Kondo and are now wondering how to achieve the same effect in your work life? 

Julie Wyman
Agile + DevOps East Agile Actions for Facilitating Distributed Teams[presentation]

Facilitating distributed team meetings can feel like having one arm tied behind your back and one eye covered. But you can free yourself of these constraints using other agile practices.

Mark Kilby
Agile + DevOps East A Festivus for Leadership Alignment[presentation]

One of the biggest problems facing organizations that are moving to an agile mindset is leadership alignment across the concepts, principles, and tactics. On the face of things, every leader says they understand agile and that they’re aligned.

Mary Thorn
Agile + DevOps East How DevOps and Agile Fit with Compliance Obligations[presentation]

DevOps and agile are designed to help you be adaptable and move quickly. But meeting your compliance obligations tends to slow you down and make processes rigid.

Guy Herbert
Agile + DevOps East Wage Your Bets: Microservice, Monolith, or Serverless[presentation]

Microservice, Monolith, and Serverless are some of the three architectural styles that have recently gained popularity.

Michelle Hodges
Agile + DevOps East Shifting Security Left: The Innovation of DevSecOps[presentation]

DevSecOps uses application security practices that have existed for a while. The innovation of DevSecOps is incorporating security into the daily workflow of the team rather than leaving it to the end, shifting security left by automating aspects of security testing.

Tom Stiehm
Agile + DevOps East You Build It, You Own It![presentation]

The days of writing software and throwing it over the proverbial wall to operations and production support teams are over. It’s time we, as software development teams, become more accountable and take pride and ownership in what we do.

Sean Miller
Agile + DevOps East Testing Serverless Applications[presentation]

Serverless cloud applications are rapidly moving into the mainstream. In this model, teams focus on developing and deploying code on a known technology stack and runtime, with fixed interfaces for application, database, and network.

Peter Varhol


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