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level up 4 Steps to Level Up Your Testing Game and Advance Your Career

As more businesses are adopting DevOps and demanding continuous delivery, it's important for testers to constantly upgrade their skills. By leveraging the right resources, including developer and application performance management tools, you can play a bigger and more collaborative role in producing higher-quality output.

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Continuous cycle The Power of Continuous Performance Testing

Continuous performance testing gives your development teams a fighting chance against hard-to-diagnose performance and load-handling bugs, as well as quickly identifying major functional bugs. Due to its combination of flexibility, coverage, and effectiveness, performance tests are powerful candidates for continuous testing.

Don Prather's picture Don Prather
Two Key Ingredients in Accelerating Software Delivery Continuous Testing and Deployment: Two Key Ingredients in Accelerating Software Delivery

Continuous testing along with continuous deployment enables the rapid delivery of higher quality applications due to additional testing activities. Together, integrating these practices can help organizations achieve a DevOps approach to software delivery, seize market opportunities, and reduce time to customer feedback.

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