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A Custom Automation Framework and Test Case Management Solution

Interested in seeing a real test automation solution in action? Automated testing is an exciting thing to be part of, but automating the automation is even better. This session presents a system where the test case/automation system is set in motion after configuration management builds a piece of software for a project in which test has been automated. This means thousands of preprogrammed test cases can be run on multiple machines day and night. Darin Magoffin shows you a demonstration of the process, then explains its challenges as well as its flexibility.

Darin Magoffin, Todd Hovorka, and Rich Wolkins, PowerQuest Corporation Inc
Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Cases: What's the Difference?

Test engineers are often asked to create a test plan for a product. Once the goals of the test project are defined, a test strategy needs to be developed. The second step is to create a test project plan to implement this strategy. A third and final step is to create the actual test case according to the test project plan and test strategy. Learn how these three components-both singularly and collectively-can contribute to a successful test project.

Howie Dow, Compaq Computer Corporation
Automated Testing of Web Content Tailored for Pervasive Devices

With the emerging presence of pervasive computing devices across many market segments, and the corresponding growth in Web content tailoring, the need exists for automated test methodologies to verify tailoring engines and delivery systems. Learn methods used to quickly verify software quality through simulation of pervasive devices and programmatic verification of tailored Web content. Examine highly effective and repeatable test scenarios that have been constructed using the systems and methods described.

Samuel Camut, IBM
An Emerging Requirement Type--Legal Requirements

Testing to external standards is taking on new meaning-and a new sense of urgency-when money changes hands in cyberspace. Business rules, which are driven by legal requirements and perceptions of legal risk, dramatically expand the qualitative measures for Web-based applications. In this presentation, discover a conceptual framework for developing test plans and test cases that accommodate emerging legal requirements.

James Speer, Data Dimensions, Inc.
Soap Opera Testing

It is far from easy to develop good tests. Translating requirements one by one into test cases ins't always good enough. You can end up with an unmanageable volume of boring tests that lack effectiveness in finding complex and hidden problems. Based on experiences in numerous testing and test automation projects, Hans Buwalda presents several techniques to improve the process of test development. Learn how the application of these techniques-based around the theme of "Soap Opera Testing"-can not only lead to a more manageable test set, but also can provide a motivating and creative way to develop tests.

Hans Buwalda, CMG TestFrame Research Center
The Road to UML is Paved with Good Intentions

A picture is worth a thousand words. Does that mean that a model is worth a thousand requirements? A thousand test cases? Not exactly, but a model will tremendously aid in the development of requirements and test cases, and help facilitate inter-team communication of requirements and test cases; at least, that's always the intent. One way to help ensure that these good intentions come to fruition is to test the diagrams that the model is composed of, for 4C compliance-completeness, correctness, consistency, and clarity. There are different languages for producing models, but this presentation focuses on the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and methods of testing models that are created with UML.

Dion Johnson, Pointe Technology Group
An Execution Framework for Java Test Automation

This presentation introduces the Java Execution Framework, describing test suites, test cases, and the JEF test harness.

Erick Griffin, Tivoli Systems Inc.
The Dangers of Use Cases Employed as Test Cases

Use cases are a great way to organize and document a software system's functionality from the user's perspective. However, they have limited uses for testers. They are great vehicles to accomplish some tasks, and not so great for others. Understand what you're trying to accomplish by testing before deciding if use cases can help-and be cognizant of the challenges they present. They are useful to testers, but not for every situation.

Bernie Berger, Test Assured, Inc.
Test Result Checking Patterns

Determining how a test case detects a product failure requires several test case design trade-offs. These trade-offs include the characteristics of test data used and when comparisons are done. This document addresses how result checking impacts test design.

Keith Stobie, Microsoft
Introduction to Testing XML and Related Technologies

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) provides a standards-based approach for defining and exchanging data. Gain an overview of XML concepts and terminology, XML conformance testing, validation, well-formedness checking, and performance testing. Learn how to create and implement XML specific test strategy, test plans, test cases, and test data based upon the instructor's real-world experiences.

Michael Cooper, Revenue Technologies Corporation


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