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James Bach From One Expert to Another: James Bach

In this installment of From One Expert to Another, Jon Bach uses a 20 Questions approach to interview his brother, James Bach, about his reputation, his work as a tester and consultant, his thoughts on the global testing community, and more.

Jon Bach's picture Jon Bach
Continuous Integration and Testing

Lisa Crispin explains in this article how CI has become an absolute necessity for any software development team in this day and age. For those who have yet to fully embrace CI, this article gives you some great reasons you should, along with some helpful resources to get you started.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin
Agile Testing as if People Mattered

As a test professional in waterfall, I was used to getting the code much later and buggier than I expected and being under tremendous pressure to finish my testing before the go-live date hit. Then one day, I found out that there was a better way. Testers could be involved much earlier in the lifecycle, they could participate in requirements and design decisions as they happened, and the code could actually be unit tested before I received it! Heaven? Nope, agile.

Daryl  Kulak's picture Daryl Kulak
Exploratory Testing and the Planning Myth

There is a notion that exploratory testing is devoid of and incompatible with planning. Supporters and skeptics alike tend to have concerns that exploratory testing might not work in their organizations because of this perceived lack of planning. Is exploratory testing necessarily unplanned? Let's take a look at the nature of plans and how exploratory practices fit into the big picture.

James Bach's picture James Bach


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