Infinity symbol Has Continuous Deployment Become a New Worst Practice?

Software development has been moving toward progressively smaller and faster development cycles, and continuous integration and continuous deployment are compressing delivery times even further. But is this actually good for businesses or their users? Just because you can deploy to production quickly and frequently, should you?

John Tyson's picture John Tyson
Five pillars 5 Pillars of a Successful Test Automation Implementation

Discussions on what constitutes a “proper implementation” of test automation often focus on what tool you should use, but that is only one part of the equation. Bas Djikstra details four other things you should consider, how they contribute to the success of your test automation, and what risks are associated with failing to pay proper attention to each of them.

Bas Dijkstra's picture Bas Dijkstra
scale Using Key Performance Indicators in the Transition from Legacy Systems

Switching from a legacy system to a composite application can be tricky: The transition will require a lot of restructuring. To be sure you’re conducting the most streamlined, complete transfer possible, focus on key performance indicators. Defining KPIs can help prioritize objectives and create an efficient new workflow.

Jessica Paddock's picture Jessica Paddock
Business Intelligence and Data Quality Business Intelligence and Data Quality

Business analysis is only as good as the quality of the data. If the testing process is weak and the data quality and data integrity tests are suspect, then the business could be at risk. Learn how to get the most out of your data, warehouse, and business intelligence testing.

Paul Fratellone's picture Paul Fratellone
Continuous Process Improvement: From Help Desk to Fix Release

Listening to your customers is absolutely mandatory to ensure their satisfaction and making sure they know you listened to them is just as important. Wayne Goldstein takes a look at how simply resolving an issue a customer brings up isn't always enough. Take a look with him at continuous process improvement from the help desk to releasing the software update to fix a problem.

Wayne Goldstein
Driving Efficiency and Effectiveness with Web Analytics and Risk-Based Testing Driving Efficiency and Effectiveness with Web Analytics and Risk-Based Testing

Web analytics can help you deduce, reduce, and prioritize your testing efforts. Learn how to gather and use qualitative and quantitative information about your users and the risks that can threaten your software's success.

Paul Fratellone's picture Paul Fratellone
Is This a Good Survey? Yes ( ) No ( )

Don't just shoot for yes or no answers from your customers, give them the opportunity to really share their feelings from their interaction with you. Areas where improvement is needed, or where praise should be given, will be far easier to spot, thus allowing you to really make valuable changes.

Naomi Karten's picture Naomi Karten
Passing the Baton When You Have That New Job

A knowledge transfer session is the least-sought-after activity in a project. The intention is to get rid of your current responsibility and move on, no matter what mess you leave behind. But, while watching a relay race, Rinku Sahay realized how crucial it is to have a successful “pass.”

Rinku Sahay's picture Rinku Sahay
summary information for several projects Historical Analysis and Trends: The Real Value Metrics

In "Practical Test Reporting," David Freeman wrote about how to start a basic test metrics program. In this follow-up article, he shows how to combine the historical information to predict how your future projects may track–kind of like creating your own metric "magic eight ball."

David Freeman
phone dialer1.0 areas and total metrics Practical Test Reporting

Developing a usable and consumable test-metric-reporting system is a challenge for all testing organizations. This article describes a system employable by small and large organizations and all test efforts. By using existing tools, test teams can show current progress and predict future test efforts.

David Freeman


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