How 'Joe' Makes Software Estimates

The success of software projects depends to a large extent on the initial effort estimates. Consequently, a lot of work is done proposing good estimation procedures but without very convincing results. This article identifies good estimation practices and clears away some of the cobwebs created by researchers.

Matthias Gelbmann
A Small Matter of Metrics

Think you’re ready to launch your new metrics program? Think again. Find out how conducting a trial measurement program on yourself first can give you valuable insights and understanding. Learn about the value and limits of measurement, gain knowledge into why many software measurement efforts fail, and prepare yourself for launching a successful program.

Dave W. Smith
You Make the Call

When several different test automation vendors provide similar services, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right test automation software. Clinton Sprauve illustrates how to research various vendors, establish your testing needs, and create a solid plan of attack for the test tool selection process.

Clinton A. Sprauve
Show and Tell

It's critical that you discover the defects before your customers do. Metrics give you plenty of data, but creating charts and graphs that properly showcase this data can be difficult. In this article, read about six techniques that can help make this task a lot easier.

Metrics That Matter: Making Measurements Meaningful for Everyone

Metrics are only worthwhile if you review and use them. Do your quality reports go directly from the inbox to the trash can? A quality metrics program can be a great asset to your organization. Engineering, sales, and the company overall can benefit from having such a program. This article will help you explore ways to make measurements meaningful outside of QA.

Marsha Holliday
Clarify Your Ranking for System Problem Reports

Here's a puzzle: If one defect has a severity rating of 3 and a priority rating of 2, and another defect has a severity rating of 2 and a priority rating of 3, which one do you fix first? In this column, Johanna Rothman tells why she thinks severity/priority combinations can be confusing, and she offers her own simpler, three-tiered rating system.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
What Metrics Can Do for You

Measuring activities are vital to the software test process. On this site, there are more than 200 items (articles, tools, templates, etc.) classified under the topic "measurement." But what good are all the bits and pieces of data that you collect? In this week's column, veteran software tester Rick Craig outlines some of the practical uses for metrics.

Rick Craig's picture Rick Craig
A Measured Response

An infinite number of metrics can be applied to various aspects of software development. In fifteen years of managing software development, Mike Cohn has found a handful of metrics that really help him do his job--and keep him cool and confident when the heat is on. Here, he describes product stabilization metrics, programmer quality metrics, customer satisfaction metrics, and complexity metrics.

Mike Cohn's picture Mike Cohn
Why Nobody in Our Business Can Estimate

Tim Lister gives three examples of software project failures that resulted from poor estimates. The main problem? Software practitioners often don't understand the difference between an estimate and a goal. Here is some advice on how to be better estimators.

Tim Lister's picture Tim Lister
Forecasting Software Defects

The six weeks of testing you've been preparing for are suddenly reduced to one, but you still want to provide some assessment of overall quality. Read about this statistical approach to predicting the number of failed test cases in an application.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor


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