Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

Regardless of where you find bugs, they can be downright nasty. How you deal with them determines whether the infestation turns into a crisis or something that is dealt with swiftly. In this column, Fiona Charles explains how two hoteliers dealt with an infestation of some unwanted guests and the crisis management lessons she learned from the experience.

Fiona Charles's picture Fiona Charles
Geographically Challenged

Office politics are a fact of life in the workplace, but they sometimes spill over and affect employees' lives outside the office as well. In this tale by Leonidas Hepis, office politics endanger a QA team member's work and her family time.

Leonidas Hepis
QA All-Stars: Building Your Dream Team

A testing team can mean success or failure for a project, but developing a team means more than putting a few people together and telling them to test something. Hans Buwalda shares his teambuilding experiences and gives some tips on how you can build the best team for the job.

Hans Buwalda's picture Hans Buwalda
The Certainty of Uncertainty

All projects begin with a great deal of uncertainty. Mike Cohn takes a look at Alexander Laufer’s concepts of means and end uncertainties and explains why an iterative approach to product development is the best way to be certain your users get what they want.

Mike Cohn's picture Mike Cohn
Honesty Is the Best Policy

The Squall team’s product prototype pleases big client Acme. But when the client won’t budge on its strict quality, time, or budgetary requirements, the Squall team leaders determine that the best they can offer Acme is the truth.

Payson Hall's picture Payson Hall
Estimation Safety Tips

Software estimation is more of a dance than a science. To help you avoid tripping during the estimation waltz, Karl Wiegers presents five safety tips in this week's column. They might not help you generate perfect estimates, but they address estimation realities that might keep you out of trouble.

Karl E. Wiegers
When an Emergency Takes Center Stage

The middle of an emergency is no time to make a plan. Take a look at this installment of "Management Chronicles" to learn how not to be prepared for an emergency situation, and then read the Story Lines for some helpful, preparatory advice.

Peter Clark
Sunny Skies or Storms?

Long-time advocate of status reports, Johanna Rothman has come across a new way of reporting the movement of a project using something we experience everyday—the weather. In this column, she sheds a little sunshine on this new technique, which demonstrates the status of a project a lot like meteorologists announce current weather conditions.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
Are We There Yet?

Create project dashboards to display project progress and drive your team to success.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
Do We Have to Choose Between Management and Leadership?

Do organizations need fewer managers and more leaders? Do the qualities of one outweigh those of the other? In this article, Esther Derby defines leadership and management, and shows how one test manager incorporates both.

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby


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