Successful Business Proposals Writing and Presenting Successful Business Proposals

Making proposals can be a discouraging task if there’s no clear presales process in mind. When we talk about IT business proposals in terms of selling solutions, a technical approach is often viewed as the best solution, but you need more than a simple idea to produce results.

Christian Fernando Kedidjian's picture Christian Fernando Kedidjian
IT Project Cost Why Can’t IT Tell Me What a Project Will Cost?

Companies are becoming more dependent on their IT departments to not only process project request offers, but also be a strategic partner in developing complex, financially sound plans to achieve specific business outcomes. That said, why is IT so hesitant to tell the business what something will cost?

Ryan McClish's picture Ryan McClish Kenton Bohn
 Visualization Boards Can Benefit Your Team How Visualization Boards Can Benefit Your Team

While many teams can use help structuring their conversations, some teams also need some way to know whether the structured conversations that have taken place have provided sufficient information. Kent McDonald explains how using visualization boards can help in these situations.

Kent J. McDonald's picture Kent J. McDonald
An Obvious and Profound Idea about IT Business Case Evaluation

Payson Hall writes that it is dangerous to describe or assess IT investments without context. As an IT professional, you need to work with accounting subject matter experts and take the time to develop more robust business proposals for your IT system that are explicit about costs and assumptions.

Payson Hall's picture Payson Hall
Agile Development and Software Metrics

Dan Horvath explores useful metrics that utilize function point analysis (FPA) that you can apply to agile projects. Dan shows how to measure productivity and quality as well as how to estimate for agile projects.

Dan Horvath
Estimate Time and Set Priorities with Planning Poker

Estimating time for software development in groups can be tricky. The first person's response often plants an idea in the heads of the rest of the group, leading to an incorrect estimate. One way of getting around this is to play a few rounds of planning poker.

Ulf Eriksson's picture Ulf Eriksson
Function Point Analysis and Agile Methodology Function Point Analysis and Agile Methodology

Dan Horvath explains how function point analysis (FPA), in combination with other metrics, provides reliable and accurate measures that may be invaluable to an agile development organization.

Dan Horvath
man holding hard hat Testers: Put on Your End-User Hat

The more you know about the end-user, the more effective you will be as a tester. Here are some tips for adding value by thinking like your customer.

Paul Fratellone's picture Paul Fratellone
Estimating the Unknown: Dates or Budgets, Part 5

In  many ways, estimating project budgets or dates for agile projects turns out to be irrelevant. If you have a ranked backlog, and you finish features, you can always stop the project if you hit a particular date or cost.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
Helping the Customer Stick to the Purpose of a User Story

Lisa Crispin writes that you need to understand the purpose of a user story or feature. Start with the "why." You can worry later about the "how." The customers get to decide on the business value to be delivered. They generally aren't qualified to dictate the technical implementation of that functionality. It's up to the technical team to decide the best way to deliver the desired feature through the software.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin


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