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Defining KPIs and Metrics...

I'm currently building out a Test PMO for an insurance company. We have a long term, fixed-price contract with a vendor using a waterfall model.  I'm currently working on KPIs and metrics which I will use to tell the testing story, which means both technical and business comsumers will need to find value in them. I'm conducting targeted interviews atm  but am interested in hearing if any of you have had experience in this arena.  

What kinds KPIs / metrics have you found valuable?

What kinds of chatring / mapping have you found to be confusing?

What considerations would you want to address?

Any additional comments?

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Survey on testing tools:

Hi everyone,

I am a CS graduate student taking a course on Software Engineering. I would like to eventually do a project on generating test cases from software requirements but first I would like to understand why there aren't more tools doing so.

It would be great to have your response on this!

Any help would be appreciated.




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Integration of QA in work processes

In the company where I work there are 3 products: software, application and site - each with a different QA process. The question is how would you suggest integrating the QA process in different scenarios? Because there are tasks in which the QA man checks the task and there are those who "created" the task and checked whether it was indeed done at his request.  

I look forward to your comments on this subject.  


How to choose software automation testing in gaming?

Presently I'm a manual tester and completed Selenium course. My area of interest is Gaming. So what are the options are there to move over gaming technology through software automation?

Megavannan P's picture Megavannan P
Simulators/Emulators vs Real devices: Which one do enterprises prefer?
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How to migrate the data from Magento 1.9x to Magento 2.x?

I want to migrate the data from Magento 1.9x to Magento 2.x. Can anyone help me out this?

Sunny Dhiman's picture Sunny Dhiman
Weightage of Testing in IT industry

A trend is observed in the IT industry, that the relative weight of testing is dramatically increasing; why?

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Manual Regression Testing: End of Sprint Test Report template?

I have a Project Test Report template but it seems to formal.  I'm looking for ideas for an End of Sprint Test Report, that only reports Manual Regression Testing results.  I need a report that helps me keep track of user stories not ready for regression in one sprint but will be in the next few sprints.

I'm using VSTS Test Hub, so I have access to charts and queries from tests I've run.

Going forward, I would like to report on Automative (and Manual) Regression Test Results.

Appreciate your expertise.  Thanks.



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What is the scope and future for Appium testing?

I am planning to learn Appium TestNG framework, is it worth to learn ?

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Would anybody know a simple way of integrating Zephyr into PowerBi? Bare in mind there is an Api called ZAPI(Zephyr API)

The Zephyr Api:

Power BI:

Has anyone managed to actually integrate the api into Power BI? and if so how did you do it? The jira rest-api has been integrated but vital information based on test cycles is all missing.


Is there a free alternative to ZAPI to expose that data as well?


Thank you!

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