Respecting Culturally Diverse DevOps Teams

The year ahead likely will be filled with unprecedented challenges in terms of both technology and business demands. While technology and business needs are certainly complex, the people and personality issues may be even more challenging to deal with. This article will get you started with tackling some of these people-related challenges that you will likely encounter in the coming year.

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Information Technology Predictions for 2013

While 2013 may appear calmer compared to 2012 due in part to fewer “big” events scheduled this year, the information technology (IT) industry and profession advances forward. The IT industry, interestingly enough, shapes events in addition to being shaped by events around the world.

James Sullivan
Automating a Process to Attain Higher Quality

In his CM: The Next Generation Series, Joe Farah examines the following three steps that deal with process: defining the process, automating the process, and improving process quality. When a process is automated, problems can be repeated and are much easier to diagnose and correct. As the problems are corrected, we attain higher quality.

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What Is CM Architecture, Anyway?

In his CM: The Next Generation Series, Joe Farah writes that there are two sides to answering that question. One deals with your CM solution’s architecture, and the other, which may be closely related, deals with the architecture of your tools.

Joe Farah's picture Joe Farah
Global Software Development CM and ALM for Global Software Development

In his CM: The Next Generation Series, Joe Farah writes that there are many reasons that organizations or government agencies use distributed development. Whatever the reason, a software development team, and indeed the entire product team, needs to do all it can to ensure that development proceeds smoothly.


Joe Farah's picture Joe Farah
CM Excellence through People, Not Tools Achieve CM Excellence through People, Not Tools

Great tools and process are not the best formula for software configuration management excellence. Leslie Sachs writes that the most important resources for configuration management excellence are people—the technology professionals and the leaders who guide the team toward CM excellence. This article will help you understand what psychologists have learned regarding some of the essential qualities found among top leaders and others who consistently achieve excellence.

Leslie  Sachs's picture Leslie Sachs
Do Your Agents Match Your Team Members' Personalities? Do Your Change Agents Match Your Team Members' Personalities?

Configuration management focuses on software process improvement in an organization in many important ways, impacting the application build, package, and deployment. However, some organizations are more open to change than others. If you want to be successful at bringing about positive change, then you need to be able to assess and understand the personality of your organization and identify the key change agents who can help you get the job done.

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How to Simultaneously Focus on Software Development Process and Quality

Engineers know the importance of process and quality, and many engineering disciplines emphasize quality control and quality assurance. Some people enjoy the challenge of focusing on quality, while others find it a necessary but less than exciting chore. Leslie Sachs looks at some of the factors that impact process and quality.

Leslie  Sachs's picture Leslie Sachs
Staying True to CM in Small Efforts CM for Small Teams: Staying True to CM in Small Efforts

Implementing configuration management in small teams presents a distinct set of challenges. Your ability to “right size” the effort will go a long way in how successful you are. Find out what questions to ask before you get started.

Joe Townsend's picture Joe Townsend
How Database Change Management Helps Drive Operational Excellence

In this article, Yaniv Yehuda examines how Database Change Management (DCM) must be embraced by everyone on board when creating a successful deployment strategy. Learn how deadlines are more easily met and releases become more reliable with this strategy.

Yaniv  Yehuda's picture Yaniv Yehuda


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