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Three Components of Effective Defect-Management Systems

Software development teams and software testing teams have numerous defect-management tool choices to help support their software defect efforts. But, selecting and utilizing an effective tool is really only part of an overall defect-management system.

Krishen Kota
Treating Test Cases as a Product Software Test Case Engineering: Treating Test Cases as a Product (or An Approach for Finding Defects that have Low Albedo Value)

Software testing has become a self-governing and an important profession over time. As the software development process becomes a complex activity day by day, the demand to continuously evolve the software testing practices and keeping them aligned to the needs of software engineering is becoming important as well.

Ajay Bhagwat
Help Technical Support Help Themselves

This article discusses how testing teams can improve their test coverage and better communicate with technical support to uncover issues earlier than during product implementation. This kind of collaborative work can stop most defects from getting into production.

Ipsita Chatterjee
Load and Performance Test Plan (template)

This load andperformance test template will help the user to design an effective load test plan. The template covers all aspects of a load testing phase or level. 


Shujaat  Bukhari's picture Shujaat Bukhari
Ugly Baby Syndrome

We testers have a delicate job. Sometimes we need to look the proud parents of a newborn software application right in the eye and tell them "You have an ugly baby!" This article tackles the best way testers can tell someone that they have an ugly baby.

David Whalen
Effort Estimating for Test Automation Projects

The author shares lessons learned in estimating test automation efforts, including the effort to idendity candidates for test automation andfactors that affects test automation estimation.

Babu M. Narayanan
Software Load Test Plan (template)

This Software Load Test Plan template is intended to help you for load and performance tests. It gives a step-by-step approach to load test planning and helps you manage all the necessary things the tester should be aware of before and during load testing.

Rajeev J's picture Rajeev J
Sample Test Case Document (template)

This template is a sample test case document. 

Sarang Kulkarni's picture Sarang Kulkarni
System Test Cases Documentation (template)

This template to document system tests was used in a Web testing project. It is effective in terms of test metrics collection.

Ranjit Shewale
Test Suite and Tests Case (template)

This template is recomended for testers to help save time and reduce the number of test cases while keeping more coverage through the test data.


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