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Project Management Planning – Checklist, Template, Guidelines (Template)

This checklist is a recommended guideline for the content of project management planing documentation

A project management planing document is applicable to any and all phases of a system / product life cycle.  The PMP may be applied to any type of computer system, software application development, or computer related project, regardless of the scope, size, complexity, or criticality.  The PMP is applicable to all forms of computer system product delivery media, including client/server, web-based, firmware, embedded systems code, programmable logic arrays, and software-in-silicon.  


Sidney Snook
Software Configuration Management Guidelines (template)

This template describes recommended guidelines for implementing configuration management for software project artifacts and deliverables.

Sidney Snook
Requirements Workshop Agenda (template)

This template for a requirements workshop includes preparation tasks and, a place for listing workshop tools and participants.

Ellen Gottesdiener's picture Ellen Gottesdiener
Inspection Checklist for Training Materials (template)

This is an inspection checklist that used to inspect training courses prior to the initial pilot.

Steve Allott
Software Bug Report Sample (template)

This is a sample bug reporting template for accounting and financial software software that includes description, severity, priority levels, and bug solution categories.

Khaja Ahmed's picture Khaja Ahmed
Requirements Workshop Quick Debrief (template)

This template is used for guiding a debrief (retrospective) of a requirements workshop. The facilitator can replicate this template on a poster or wall and guide the discussion to "fill up" each slot in the template.

Ellen Gottesdiener's picture Ellen Gottesdiener
Testing Justification Checklist (Template)

This checklist summarizes the steps for securing an investment in testing. The process is neither sequential, nor automatic. That's part of the point. This is essentially a mechanism for securing investment (resources and commitment) to produce some value for the organization.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Stranger in a Strange Land: Bringing Quality Assurance to a Web Startup

As a veteran of two startups,, a travel Web site, and Tensegrent, a software development company, I have learned some lessons the hard way about implementing quality assurance in a web startup environment. This paper gives some guidelines based on this experience: How to get buy-in from management, how to educate yourself about Web testing, how to implement a useful process, how to prevent a testing bottleneck.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin
Use Case Completion Worksheet (template)

This use case template will help you keep track of changes and the disposition of use cases during a requirements workshop.

Ellen Gottesdiener's picture Ellen Gottesdiener
Software Release Cycle Checklist (template)

This is a list of important things to review before and verify during a software release cycle. You may use it as-is or customize it for your situation.

George Hamblen


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