testability Questions

I need interview questions for 2 plus years experiance in testing.

I have done manual as well as Automation(selenium) tesing.


I have 14 years of experience as Tech Support specialist working with Software Company. Would like to change gears and learn QA testing and become QA  Tester specialist. Please let me know what should i start with and what would be the best approach to start learning to be a QA - tester specialist?





For example: A company has claimed that they have created a pen that can write upto 45 kms, how a tester can test this pen that it is correct and pen can write up to 45kms. What kind of test cases will be required.

By QAI Tester - October 4, 20135 Answers

Does Crowdsourced testing provide a much higher ROI compared to the traditional means of Software Testing?


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