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Topics Introduction to Mobile Testing 1. What is Mobile application testing? 2. Why is Mobile testing important? 3. What do you need to be a good mobile tester? 4. Types of Mobile Applications 5. Mobile Application SDLC

Mobile web applications 1. Overview 2. Types of Mobile web apps: a) Non-responsive applications b) Responsive applications 3. Testing mobile web apps 4. Technologies used to develop

Native Mobile Applications 1. Overview 2. Types of Native apps: a) Device-specific applications b) Responive applications c) Hybrid applications 3. Testing native apps 4. Technologies a) OS API b) App Store c) Device capabilities

Unique Mobile Testing Considerations

  1. User Experience
  2. Network
  3. Data Storage
  4. Operating system
  5. Jail Breaking
  6. Hardware/Device capabilities
  7. Security

Mobile Testing Platforms 1. Introduction 2. Desktop browsers 3. Mobile Emulation 4. Cloud Testing - AWS Device Farm 5. Physical Device testing 6. Remote Device testing

Mobile Testing Techniques 1. Exploratory Testing 2. Device Access 3. Security Testing 4. Performance Testing 5. Compatibility Testing 6. Submission Guideline Testing

Tools for Mobile Testing 1. Multi platform testing tools 2. Android Testing tools 3. iOS Testing tools 4. BlackBerry Testing tools 5. Windows Mobile Testing tools 6. Remote Device Access Services. 7. Outsource/Crowd source testing services

Provide the updates related to the latest Test Automation trends, which is to be followed for better and efiicient testing.

I work at a large company that has testing function in each geography, while the HQ is in the US (part of this is managing virtual teams).  The research I'm looking into is whether or not it is beneficial to create a centralized testing team (separate from QM/QA - this testing is completed by the cross-funtional business end-users) at the HQ that would provide status updates/metrics to the cross-funtional business end-users.

can we customize data types in jbehave for software testing

I've done a little research and came up with two links that offer some insight in this $34B industry! 

http://www.thinksys.com/blog/software-testing-trends-that-will-rock-2016/, which says that "the role of Automation is to support the testers and not to replace them. " That article also states that "Nelson Hall predicts that by 2017, the software testing market size will be $34 Billion." And https://www.quora.com/What-is-latest-technology-trends-in-Software-testing, which mentions: "Independent Software testing (trending): With increased focus on QA, many businesses are relying on specialist QA organizations to provide testing services. This is largely due to the expertise that specialist QA organizations bring to the table, including TCoE capability. Hence partnering with them helps the business to circumvent the pain of finding skilled QA resources and setting up a mature QA, both in terms of process and technology."

What information needs to be included in a viable test plan? 

n our company we are using using excel as bug report.In Bug Report(excel sheet)Is any need to maintain relationship with requirement specification document/test case document . -

I did my degree in correspondence am i eligible for IT field if so h

when doing cross browser testing what points shoud to be consider.this question includes testing in mobile devices as well

How should we compare test data management tools from different vendors used for generating and managing test data?

Example IBM Potim and Informatica or any other tools.  What factors should be considered to compare the tools and needs which will be best tools so far 


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