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can we customize data types in jbehave for software testing

To see a comparison of these two automation tools, look here

What daily tasks do you perform as a software tester? Does your work include writing test plans, bug reports and automated scripts, communicating with developers, manual testing and analyzing automated tool results? 

What information needs to be included in a viable test plan? 

n our company we are using using excel as bug report.In Bug Report(excel sheet)Is any need to maintain relationship with requirement specification document/test case document . -

I did my degree in correspondence am i eligible for IT field if so h

I have recently started my career in Software Testing. In my company there is no tool used in software testing. So I need some suggested tools which are free for Linux OS. It maybe a defect reporting tool or any other testing tool
Thank you

We use Team Foundation Server for development and testing. Our Director has told our scrum master to go to 1-week sprints AND remove testing tasks from the product backlog to change the definition of "Done". We could use a suggestion on how to ensure we get testing tasks assigned, and track their progress, when our only tools are TFS and Google Docs. Having been forced to use Google Docs to track testing in the past, I expect issues trying to share -- for instance -- a spreadsheet to do this. Tasks could be forgotten or missed. Updates may go uncommunicated.

when doing cross browser testing what points shoud to be consider.this question includes testing in mobile devices as well

We are starting a new project for a new client - who uses linux - I have not tested on linux before so not sure what the differences are between linux and windows 7.

Are there any differences?  Does it look, act and functionally work in the same way as on windows 7 platform?




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