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What information needs to be included in a viable test plan? 

More and more companies are adding automated tools to their tool set for testing software products on web and mobile platforms, to speed up the testing process. 

What automation tools does your company use to automate testing procedures? 

Ann MacKenzie

Marketing Research, OnPath Testing

n our company we are using using excel as bug report.In Bug Report(excel sheet)Is any need to maintain relationship with requirement specification document/test case document . -

Please give me practical advice.

I did my degree in correspondence am i eligible for IT field if so h

Trying to find a free tool to run load tests on a company-made IOS app.  Ipad, Iphone.  Something easier than Jmeter.

By madhu mittal - July 27, 20154 Answers

Hi, I have 4 years of exp in oracle apps.but there is maternity gap of 6 years,want to work again.I am now interested in Testing.plz advise how to start it?

I was hoping you might be able to provide some direction on creating decision tables.  There are about 11 different promotions and each promotion triggers a different set of actions such as a discount on a Basic membership, or a discount on a Plus membership

How do I determine if I should include other conditions?  For example, we have 4 different rate types (Senior, Regular, Employee and Honorary) that get applied BEFORE the promotions are calculated and can result in different charges for our memberships.  I am just not sure if rate type should be a separate decision table, or an additional condition in the Promotions decision table?

Any assistance is appreciated.



By Ramesh Kumar - May 7, 20151 Answer

I want to write responsive test cases. Please provide template.

I am writing to enquire if anyone has had any exposure to testing of the following applications and can offer any advise on the use of particular techniques or tools that have proved useful.  any assistance you could offer would be most appreciated.

 - Microsoft Active Directory
 - Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode
 - Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager

The challenge
development and configuration changes made to one or more of the applications detailed above  can have far reaching/unwanted implications, both in the applications themselves and for upstream/downstream applications they interact with.   Functional/front end driven testing alone will not provide confidence from a regression perspective

The solution
A tool/technique is required that can inspect/export/compare triggered configuration/code/data changes as a result of a modification.



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