Tackling Challenges with Agile Teamwork: An Interview with Janet Gregory


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As agile became mainstream, larger organizations and teams began adopting agile, many of the problems are different because of the hierarchical organizational structures, and the way decisions are made outside the delivery teams.

5. What do you hope those who attend your sessions at STARCANADA are able to take home to their own teams and projects?

I have 2 sessions – one ½ day tutorial on testing planning, and a track session on testing challenges on agile teams. In the tutorial, participants hopefully will walk away with some practical ideas that they can implement when they return to work. One of the important things to understand on agile teams is to plan according to the level you are working at, and that is how I approach this session - how much needs to be done and when. We will work through exercises so participants have a good understanding of the practices I introduce.

In the talk, I would like the attendees to be take away some ideas about how to tackle some of the issues they may be facing.

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