Global App Testing White Paper | Testing 5,000 Apps in 4 Weeks

Testing 5,000 Apps in 4 Weeks

Millions of websites and apps use Facebook Login to allow their users to log in with their Facebook identities, simplifying app account creation.

In order to reduce the number of Facebook Login failures on apps after migrating to the Facebook Graph API v2.0, enforce Login Review for all apps, and maintain the integrity of the tools people using Facebook expect, Facebook decided to test the largest 5,000 apps using Facebook Login across various devices and operating systems.

The outcome of this test gave Facebook actionable feedback to share with developers about how apps would respond after the API change.

Discover how Facebook’s testing methods can help you manage your own testing resources and processes.

In this case study, you will learn:

  • The impacts of testing on such a large scale
  • The benefits of knowing your crowd of testers
  • How testing at scale and speed ensured no app was left behind
  • Why clear and concise bug reports saved the day

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