Global App Testing White Paper | Crowdsourced Testing: A New Approach to QA

Crowdsourced Testing: A New Approach to QA

Modern software development and delivery encompasses many new approaches including agile, continuous integration/delivery, DevOps and more. While these new approaches have led to much faster release cycles, improved technologies, and globalized access from day one, they typically fail to address a key area: QA.

QA has been struggling to keep up with the pace of modern software delivery and it is time for a new approach that alleviates these struggles. Crowdsourced testing improves QA by delivering speed, scale, and quality that is designed for the modern software development process.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • Why some of the biggest organizations such as Facebook, Virgin Media, TripAdvisor, Canon and more rely on crowdsourced testing to scale their QA operations (QAOps)
  • How to leverage a crowd of testers so that you can gain global coverage and beat device fragmentation using professional QA personnel who test on real devices
  • Where crowdsourced testing can plug into your existing QA for maximum impact

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