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Is Test Automation a “Project”?

Test automation can turn into a real pain in the neck if a designated team is in charge of it or if the automators work on it as a separate project. In this article, Lisa Crispin seconds Bob Jones’s recent call for whole-team test automation and elaborates on the dangers of relegating test automation to an isolated project rather than integrating it into the overall software development process.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin
Dependable vs. Irreplaceable

We all like being in demand, feeling wanted, and being dependable. But, we forget that there is a thin line between being dependable and irreplaceable. The result is not only a loss of credibility but also a loss of opportunities

Rinku Sahay's picture Rinku Sahay
What Do You Do when a Showstopper Escapes into Production?

You are the QA manager of a company developing an enterprise application. Last week, your team released a product version, including features requested by new customers. But, it included a showstopper that already has affected about a third of customer installations. What would you and your team do in this situation?

Joel Montvelisky's picture Joel Montvelisky
Three Components of Effective Defect-Management Systems

Software development teams and software testing teams have numerous defect-management tool choices to help support their software defect efforts. But, selecting and utilizing an effective tool is really only part of an overall defect-management system.

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