STAREAST 2005 - Software Testing Conference


Testing Inside the Box

These days, we hear a lot about unit testing, testing for programmers, test-first programming, and the like. Design techniques for such tests and for improving system testing are often called white box test designs. Join Rex Black as he explains the basics of white box testing and compares

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting

Testing of Web-Based and Java Applications with Models

With most GUI test tools that exist today, model-based testing for Java applications is extremely difficult to implement. According to Jeff Feldstein, you need a scripting language that allows for creating and manipulating complex data structures and driving your tests with models of the application. Learn about Jeff's success and the obstacles he faced implementing model-based testing for Java and HTML applications.

Jeff Feldstein, Cisco Systems Inc
The Imperative of Non-Functional System Testing

Ignore or downplay non-functional system testing at your peril. A thorough, well-executed nonfunctional test plan discovers software defects usually overlooked with functional testing. From security, scalability, and usability issues to legal 508 accessibility, recovery processes and more, testing non-functional requirements can mean the difference between success and failure. Julian Harty describes key non-functional test practices and demonstrates the value of each.

Julian Harty, Commercetest Limited
The QA/Testing Perspective on Software Security

Most everyone now realizes that we cannot solve security vulnerabilities with firewalls, virus scanners, and other tactics that build an electronic “moat” around systems. According to Julian Harty, security is not an operational issue, not a developer issue, and not a testing issue. It is a systems issue that you must focus on throughout the software’s life. From a QA/testing perspective, we need to look early in the development process for adequate security requirements.

Julian Harty, Commercetest Limited
The Test Strategist's Toolbox

As a decision-making framework, a test strategy outlines the vision and values that drive the project and keeps you on a clear path in times of change or uncertainty. A good test strategy makes you more resilient to inevitable changes as the project progresses. However, each test

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions
TPI Test Process Improvement Model Facts and Figures

Since the publication of the test process improvement (TPI®) model in the 1990s, many organizations have used it to help establish and improve their test processes. By doing so, they have tested the hypothesis that improving test processes results in better insight into system

Ruud Teunissen, POLTEQ IT Services BV

Web Services API Testing

Traditionally, test engineers have had some type of a visual user interface for testing client/server and Web applications. Web services, on the other hand, are completely without a user interface, providing only an application program interface (API). A Web service does not display a visual output for testing. Although this fact makes manual testing very difficult, Web services are ideal candidates for automated testing. As a result, some programming skills are almost certainly needed for testers

Papa Acquah, LexisNexis
Web Testing Circus: An Expert-Led Search for Security Defects

Step right up! Come see the sights! Join in the fun! The circus is in town and admission is free with your STAREAST badge. Right before your very eyes, our security testing ringmaster Mike Andrews demonstrates for you the wonders of Web security testing. Behold death-defying feats of SQL injection. Stare open-mouthed as he hacks a site using the cross-site scripting attack. Watch him hijack a Web session before your very eyes.

Michael Andrews, Foundstone Professional Services


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