STAREAST 2003 - Software Testing Conference


"Best Practices" and "Context-Driven": Building a Bridge

This article discusses how to employ "best practices" and how to also implement them as daily "good practices" for your project. The author's goal is to help your team understand the best practice versus context-driven debate and how to apply that understanding within your own team.

Neil Thompson, Thompson Information Systems Consulting Ltd.
A Positive View of Negative Testing

Negative testing is a core skill of experienced testers, and requires an opportunist, exploratory approach to get the best value from the time spent. It can find significant failures and produce invaluable strategic information about the risk model underlying testing, and allow overall confidence in the quality of the system. Negative testing is open-ended and hard to plan granularly. It needs to be managed proactively rather than over planned.

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions
A Roadmap for Automating Software Testing

Materials in this course are not being published at the request of the author. You may contact the author at [email protected].

Michael Sowers, Software Development Technologies
Action Word Based Test Automation: A Case Study

In this article you'll discover how to guide your organization toward more sophisticated testing, learn what the team roles are in a test automation effort, and learn how to do test automation with a small team and readily available technology. The author also discusses automated testing methodologies.

Scott Frastaci, St Jude Medical CRMD
Becoming a Successful Test Manager

In this article, Chris DeNardis discusses the skills necessary to becoming a successful test manager. He outlines how to get organized, and how to better communicate with your team. Read all about it and take the first step on the road to being a better test manager.

Christopher DeNardis, Rockwell Automation
Blueprint for QA and Testing a Typical Enterprise Application in 2004

This paper provides a QA blueprint for testing enterprise applications in 2004. Many diagrams and examples are also included.

Frank Cohen, PushToTest
Bug Taxonomies: How to Generate Better Tests

This article discusses how to use bug taxonomies to help generate better tests. The author explains that a test team's goal should be to create a useful taxonomy that can be used as a framework to brainstorm for possible risks to the application.

Giri Vijayaraghavan, Texas Instruments Inc
Building a Flexible Automated Testing Architecture

This paper discusses implementing the right test automation strategies for your team.

Jack Harris, Washington Mutual Bank
Building Executable Software Test Specifications

This paper discusses how executable software test specifications can help you reach project goals, and offer solutions to three common software problems. You will also learn how to articulate software development goals so they can be shared by product and test developers.

Michael Corning, Microsoft Corporation
Bulletproof your Review Program!

In this article, the author explains how to bulletproof your review program by avoiding traps that typically kill technical review programs. She also details four common reasons why review programs fail and what you can do to successfully implement one for your team.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc


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