Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference East 2011


Using Agile Principles to Run Your Organization

As agile methods have become increasingly popular for managing projects and portfolios of projects, it's natural to wonder what other management challenges agile can tackle. Forward thinking organizations have begun applying agile principles to their business operations as a way of increasing agility, speed, and customer satisfaction. Jeff Payne describes those agile practices that have been successfully applied to business operations and the impact they’ve have on the bottom line.

Jeffery Payne, Coveros, Inc.

Using Technical Debt to Predict Product Value

Overly complex code? Duplicate code? Inherent coupling? Been there, done that. Beyond these specific code issues, you may believe that something is inherently wrong with your project-increased pressure, decreased velocity, those broken functions that just never get fixed. Although there are no magic bullets to fix these problems, Emad Georgy shares how he has applied a novel, technical debt model as a predictor of overall product value.

Emad Georgy, Experian

When to Ship: Determining Application Readiness

When do you ship an application and expose it to your customers and users? The answer seems simple-you ship it when it's ready. However, there are many possible definitions of "ready." According to Peter Varhol, customers, users, and development teams must all agree on what this term means-before work begins on the project. Otherwise, you may be tempted to deploy an application before its product goals are met. Peter Varhol presents different approaches to determining when an application has the required quality to be ready to ship.

Peter Varhol, Seapine Software Inc

Zero to Agile in Three+ Years: It's a Marathon

Agile transformations for large organizations can have mixed results-and often fail miserably if the goal is to become an "agile organization." Sean Buck shares the story of The Capital Group Companies, a 7,000 person organization, which took a value-based approach to adoption. Rather than attempting a big bang implementation, Sean’s company and its agile transformation team planned for the long "run"-a marathon.

Sean Buck, The Capital Group Companies Inc


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