T23 HTML5 Security Testing at Spotify

Alexander Andelkovic, Spotify

HTML5 is one of the hottest technologies around right now because HTML5 apps are beautiful, engaging, and can perform important and entertaining functions. With the wide range of devices and platforms to support, the promise of multi-platform support is appealing. But HTML5 apps present their own range of security issues. So, what do you do about security? How do you test HTML5 applications to ensure their security? Alexander Andelkovic works at Spotify where their streaming music player desktop client applications are all HTML5-based. Alexander explains how manual testers can get the most out of HTML5 app security testing and manifest of HTML5 apps. He covers these common security testing issues and more: cross-site scripting (script inclusion), privacy-related issues, data leakage, and permissions. Discover how, by being proactive, you can avoid having to search for security issues late in a development project.