Better Software Magazine Archive: July/Aug 2012


Peripheral Testing: A Type of Systematic Exploratory Testing
By Faisal Qureshi

Peripheral testing implements a systematic method that allows exploratory testing while maintaining a balance to traditional test case-driven testing. Faisal Qureshi explains how to test without the drawbacks of exploratory testing and widens test coverage compared to following test cases from a test plan.

Making Beautiful Music—The Art of Small Teams
By Steven Ropa

In a jazz combo, each member of the team has a specialty. As the members play individually, they create a tapestry of music that becomes much greater than the sum of the individual contributions. A small development team also works best this way.

FAQ: How Can I Know When to Stop Testing?
By Rick Craig

In this installment of FAQ, SQE Trainer Rick Craig answers one of the questions students ask him most often.

Better Software and So Much More
By Heather Shanholtzer

A letter from the Better Software magazine editor.

Regulation, Compliance, and Delivery
By Paul Fratellone

Regulatory compliance may seem daunting, and penalties for non-compliance can be severe. What is the QA professional’s role in making it work?

Building Highly Productive Teams Using a Commitment-to-Progress Ratio: Work Committed vs. Done
By Aleksander Brancewicz

This article explains methods to build a team that will embrace "required work" and deliver robust software in a predictable fashion. It proposes a measure that helps calculate the throughput of an agile team by comparing work committed to work actually done.

How Technical Support Is Like a Pain in the Neck
By Payson Hall

Payson Hall looks closely at the unique idea of not just providing better service to clients, but changing the client's perception of what defines good or bad service. We've gotten so used to "normal" that we've lost the ability to appreciate it. But this can be changed.

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