Better Software Magazine Archive:

January 2006


A Look at Administrator's Pak by Winternals
By Marnie Hutcheson

Find out more about this suite of utilities that allows testers to repair locked-out systems, restore lost data, remove malware, and much more.

Working with Dull Knives
By Clarke Ching

Why "sharp" tools are needed in almost every organization.

A Look at Employment Trends in 2005
By Heather Shanholtzer

Better Software magazine and offer up readers' responses to our annual salary survey.

Say It . . . Don't Stew In It
By Naomi Karten

Managers aren't mind readers. Translate vague grievances into concrete recommendations for generating change in your workplace.

Support for Testing, Testing for Support
By Michael Bolton

Where supportability and testability fit in the Quality Criteria dimension of the Heuristic Test Strategy Model.

Put a Tough Decision in Its Place
By Mike Cohn

Tell your manager where to go--for a decision, of course.

Are We There Yet?
By Johanna Rothman

Create project dashboards to display project progress and drive your team to success.

Bulking Up
By Fiona Charles

How can strengthening people skills, such as teamwork and communication, help shape you into a top-form tester?

Code With Character
By Tod Golding

Use .NET generics to get to know your data types and form more meaningful, trusting, typesafe relationships with them.

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