Apica Systems | 8 Ways Synthetic Monitoring Complements Real User Monitoring

8 Ways Synthetic Monitoring Complements Real User Monitoring

How much of a difference do a couple of seconds make? It’s easy to gloss over the cost of a sliver of time, but a single-second delay in your website loading time can result in a loss in conversions. 

As a business or IT leader, how do you acquire reliable data on the uptime and performance of your website or application? How do you discover when your application is down or pages aren’t loading properly?

Most businesses today monitor their applications in some way. Some use only server-side monitoring techniques, which measure a server’s system resources and help organizations improve their capacity planning to provide a better end-user experience. But server monitoring is only a piece in the puzzle. How do you evaluate your end-users’ digital experience? Many organizations augment server-side visibility with client-side monitoring tools that measure the end-user perspective.

In this paper, Apica Systems outlines two client-side monitoring tools digital businesses have at their disposal—synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring—and explores why your organization needs both.

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