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In the software community, the emergence of AI has stoked thoughts of both possibility and concern about its impact. For software testers, the critical questions swirling around AI are: “What is the future of testing in a world of AI? Will testers become obsolete?” Coveros CEO Jeff Payne talked with testing and AI expert and CEO of TestersAI, Jason Arbon, to find out what the emergence of AI means for the testing and software community.

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Rethinking Our Job as Software Testers: We Should Try to Test as Little as Possible Rethinking Our Job as Software Testers: We Should Try to Test as Little as Possible[article]

DevOps transforms testing from finding all bugs to prioritizing critical ones. Risk assessment helps testers focus on high-impact areas. Testing can be pre-release (critical issues), post-release (resolvable issues), or out-of-scope (low-impact). Testing should align with business goals and user stories. Data science helps measure and improve software quality.

Joel Montvelisky's picture Joel Montvelisky
Code with Care: Security Testing in Confidentiality-Driven Industries Code with Care: Security Testing in Confidentiality-Driven Industries[article]

For developers in privacy-centric fields, innovation goes hand-in-hand with responsibility. One security breach can shatter trust, expose sensitive data, and result in large mandatory fines. By integrating security testing throughout development, vulnerabilities are caught and addressed early, saving time.

Adam Sandman's picture Adam Sandman
Ensuring Reliable Cloud Applications: A Guide to Testing State Machines with Python Ensuring Reliable Cloud Applications: A Guide to Testing State Machines with Python[article]

Testing state machines in cloud apps is vital for reliability, performance, and handling various conditions. Automated Python scripts mimic real-world use cases to expose issues, bugs, weaknesses, and timing problems. They also help optimize performance. The included asyncio and multiprocessing examples provide valuable insights into cloud app state machine behavior, empowering product teams to build stronger, more efficient apps.

Konstantin Sakhchinskiy's picture Konstantin Sakhchinskiy
Embracing Quality: The Integral Role of Software Testing in Development Embracing Quality: The Integral Role of Software Testing in Development[article]

Software testing is a critical phase in software development that ensures high-quality, reliable software. It involves a comprehensive range of activities to evaluate every aspect of a software product, from unit testing to continuous testing. By identifying and addressing issues early on, software testing helps to deliver software that meets user expectations and functions seamlessly. This not only benefits users but also fosters innovation and trust in technology.

Deepika Kale's picture Deepika Kale
SecOps: Streamlining Security with Script Standardization and Automation Sponsored Content—SecOps: Streamlining Security with Script Standardization and Automation[article]

Writing scripts for security tasks can sometimes cause SecOps teams some difficulty. StackSpot AI, an AI assistant for software development, helps by creating scripts faster and more securely. It simplifies script creation for non-developers, automates updates, and helps maintain consistent security configurations across teams. This improves efficiency and reduces errors in security operations.

Gustavo Pinto's picture Gustavo Pinto

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