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Automating Test Data Centers—and Test Labs | QualiSystems

Test labs and test data centers represent a huge investment of capital and human resources. With the right automation tools and practices, you can optimize test data center performance while increasing your organization’s velocity and agility.

In this white paper you will learn:

* Common challenges in test lab provisioning that impede agility and raise CAPEX and OPEX
* How to increase the speed of test cycles
* Test lab and data center automation best practices
* Ways to improve the availability and utilization of your test lab

Load Testing at the Speed of Agile | Neotys

This white paper outlines the challenges of load and performance testing in an agile environment and offers key, proven best practices for implementing continuous load testing in your agile projects. Testing managers, agile practitioners, and anyone participating in agile or “agile-like” development teams will benefit from this in-depth white paper.

Agile for Dummies—An IBM eBook | IBM

In Agile for Dummies, an IBM eBook, you’ll learn the fundamentals of agile development from A to Z—and more. See how software teams increase their productivity and produce higher-quality applications that more quickly fulfill customer needs.

In this eBook you'll learn:
1. The ABCs of agile
2. The roles in agile
3. How to introduce your company and projects to agile
4. Choosing your approach
5. Tools and much more
Download this 73-page eBook now!

Agile Software Development and Testing in the Cloud | Skytap

Cloud-enabled dev/test environments and infrastructures, coupled with agile development practices, are rapidly changing the way organizations develop and deploy applications and complete systems.

This white paper outlines how leading companies are equipping their software development teams with fast, dynamic, flexible, and easily shareable cloud environments. Download this white paper to learn the innovative ways development organizations are implementing agile IT architectures and infrastructures, reducing provisioning of dev and test resources from weeks to minutes, and more.

Identify Twelve Critical Security Risks in Application Architectures—Automatically | McCabe

The stakes are higher than ever today. Finding and fixing security vulnerabilities in software applications are critical development responsibilities. Unfortunately, typical code analysis tools often find too many false positives to be really useful.

Now there is a tool category that helps development teams analyze software based on application architecture.

Download this technical white paper to learn about twelve critical security risk categories of vulnerabilities that are often hidden within the software architecture. Learn how tools such as McCabe IQ can help find these vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

Functional Testing Automation Best Practices | HP

We all know that enterprises must conduct thorough functional testing of mission-critical applications to verify that all business processes work as expected. But doing all of this testing manually is too expensive and too time-consuming.

This HP white paper explores the pros and cons of automated and manual testing to help you focus your thinking about how to approach test automation, what to automate, and when to automate it. Learn how to evaluate the ROI of functional test automation and the five fundamental principles for implementing automated software testing processes.

Mobile Testing: Five Strategic Steps | HP

The rapid pace of mobile application development demands new approaches to feature testing. To bring high-quality software to market quickly, your organization needs a strategy that moves you beyond the limitations of testing conducted on devices you manage in an internal lab. Download this white paper from HP to learn five strategic steps to move your test processes to the era of mobile apps:

1. When to test mobile apps on real devices
2. How to use the cloud to host your testing reference devices
3. Ways to automate mobile app testing
4. How to test mobile apps under different network conditions
5. Approaches to leverage existing processes and tools

Application Release and Deployment For Dummies | IBM

To keep up with market and user demands, teams must learn how to release and deploy applications frequently—while reducing cost and mitigating risk. This 40-page “For Dummies” eBook defines the basics of application release and deployment, and provides best practices for implementation.