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Mobile Load Testing Challenges—and What to Do About Them | Neotys

Mobile apps and mobile websites are a major channel for conducting business, improving employee efficiency, communicating, and reaching consumers. Performance issues and outages lead directly to revenue loss, brand damage, and diminished employee productivity.

Download this white paper to learn about the most common mobile load testing challenges and what you can do about them. You will discover:

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5 Ways to Time Travel Test | Vornex

Performing temporal—time travel—testing is critical if you have important business rules that are date dependent. Insurance rates, tax schemes, financial validation, end-of-period reporting, loan repayment calculations, and many others come to mind.

Because testing software against future or past dates is time consuming, costly, and sometimes seemingly impossible, many testers are handcuffed or don’t do it at all and hope for the best.

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What Should Agile Software Testing Metrics Capture? | Gallop

Businesses have high expectations for development projects—demanding faster delivery with fewer resources. Developers and testers need to leverage every opportunity to maintain quality or risk disappointing users and customers.

In an agile environment, test and project managers need a defined way to measure the goals and efficiency of testers and testing. These metrics help teams monitor the progress, quality, and health of the testing effort.

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3 Keys to Testing for Real User Conditions | Perfecto Mobile

User expectations are high and growing each day, so simply testing mobile app features under ideal conditions falls far short and invites disaster. It’s essential to get off the “happy path” and test for true user conditions.

Whether your application is mobile, web (mobile web, responsive web, desktop web), or IoT (Internet of things), you need to test it on a variety of operating systems and networks in various regions.

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Front-End Mobile Testing Tools—Automated Testing Improves App Quality | Perfecto Mobile

Read the report and find out why app development and delivery teams must embrace more automation and seek testing tools that:

Accommodate multiple target operating systems
Use actual physical devices
Simulate chaos
Run in minutes or hours, not days or weeks

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Perfecto Digital Test Coverage Index Report | Perfecto Mobile

Because your business relies on high quality interactions with customers via mobile apps and the web, it’s essential to have the right test coverage for devices, operating systems, and web browsers to deliver a memorable digital experience.

Download the latest Perfecto Digital Test Coverage Index Report (20 pages) with usages tables by device, OS, and browser within geographic area to help your organization.

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Selenium Test Grids – Should You Build or Buy? | Sauce Labs

Selenium has become the de-facto standard for automated testing, and many organizations struggle to decide whether to develop their own testing grid or outsource it to a cloud-based service. This report assesses the infrastructure and maintenance costs of both options in detail.

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How to get the most out of your CI/CD workflow using Automated Testing | Sauce Labs

This white paper highlights the benefits of automated testing in a continuous integration and delivery process. It includes discussions on how to select the right tool, framework, and approach to adopt automated testing, and which tests to continue to do manually.

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5 Signs It's Time to Re-evaluate your Performance Testing Tool | RadView

Once upon a time, your load testing tool was a great fit. But time has passed, new technologies have emerged, and your load testing tool is not the perfect match anymore. Perhaps costs have increased, technical support has waned, or you’re spending way too much time manually testing things that should have been automated. Download this white paper to learn five clear indicators that it’s time to find a new load testing solution.

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Automated Mobile Testing Requires Both Real Devices and Emulators | Sauce Labs

In today’s increasingly mobile-centric marketplace, mobile QA can no longer take a backseat to web app testing. Organizations trying to find the ideal automated mobile tests environment are conflicted between the accuracy of testing on real mobile devices and the agility of emulators.

This white paper makes the case for a best-of-both-worlds strategy that incorporates the scalability and cost efficiency of emulators while retaining the ability to test real usage conditions on lab- or cloud-based devices.

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Mobile Testing in the Cloud—with Case Studies | Keynote

When you build mobile apps and push them out too quickly, you are treating users like testers and risking low ratings or outright rejection. And there’s no excuse for such high-risk practices when robust cloud-based mobile testing tools are readily available.

This download includes a technical white paper—Mobile Testing Requires a Different Approach—and two case studies that show how well-known organizations are using cloud-based testing tools to constantly test their mobile apps and avoid purchasing multiple mobile devices.

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Mobile Testing Strategies and Tactics | Keynote

The goal of your mobile testing efforts is not to find errors. Instead, your goal should be to understand the quality of your offering. Does it work? Does it function as expected? Will it meet the needs of your users so that they come back again and again?

To delight your customers and fulfill the requirements of your business, mobile testers and teams need the right combination of testing tools and techniques.

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Mobile Testing Requires a Different Approach | Keynote

When you build mobile apps and push them out too quickly, you are treating your initial users like testers and risking low ratings or outright rejection.
With cloud-based mobile testing and checking tools readily available, there is no excuse for such high-risk practices. Comprehensive mobile app testing is crucial!
Download this paper to learn more about mobile app testing now.

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Mobile Software Testing e-Guide | TechWell

In this e-Guide we explore hot topics and best practices in the mobile testing space, including five sins of mobile testing, challenges and solutions of testing mobile apps, strategies to approach mobile web app testing, and the need for comprehensive testing of mobile apps.

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Mobile Software Development e-Guide | TechWell

In this e-Guide we explore hot topics and best practices in the mobile development space, including building mobile apps the user can trust, developing custom apps for the cloud, capitalizing on the mobile addiction, Apple's new language, and more.

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