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Have you ever been in a conversation that went something like this?


A: "Visual Basic? It’s really easy. You just code it."

Matt: "What do you mean?"

A: "There’s really nothing to explain, you just do it."


Or perhaps:


A: "Does everyone know what page objects are?"

Matt: (Raises hand) "I might, but my readers might not. Could you explain it for us?"

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It was in graduate school, in CS 641 (Management of Software Development), about fifteen years ago. Our professor, Dr. Roger Ferguson, was explaining the great benefit of the waterfall model for software:

The great benefit of the waterfall model is that it is easy for management.

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Testing takeaways from StarEast software testing conference 2014.

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Zeger Van Hese led the keynote "Testing in the Age of Distraction" at StarEast and shared productivity tips and hacks.

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This year I've been talking about skills in testing, and today I want to talk about a big one: Multi-Variate optimization. 

Sounds impressive, don't it?

Don't worry. While Multi Variate Optimization is important in test, it is also a simple concept, one you probably use at work every day ... and one that you can get better at.

We all all familair with optimizing a single variable: Trying to get the best price for a product without trading off anything else.

Multi-variable optimization involved trading off other things. 

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I sat in on a keynote presentation given by Jennifer Bonine at STAREAST 2014 to learn about the importance of communication in relation to the ability to change.

Hundreds of people sat in on the first keynote on May 8, Extreme Automation: Software Quality for the Next Generation Enterprise, with Theresa Lanowitz. She is the founder of voke inc., a software industry analyst firm.

Lanowitz's presentation covered the global trends in testing, emerging technologies, and (of course) extreme automation.

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I was lucky enough to sit in on a presentation by Lee Copeland, who gave a speech on public speaking at STAREAST 2014 in Orlando, Florida.

I sat in on a keynote presentation given by Randy Rice at STAREAST 2014 to learn about the importance of understanding key principles before testing.

We're getting excited for StarEast next week!

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