When Test Drives the Development Bus


Having finished our last project, which ended as a fire drill as usual, the managers of development and test concluded that we didn't ever want to go through that again. All agreed the test team had been riding the development cycle bus long enough.

About the author

Cindy Necaise's picture Cindy Necaise

Cindy Necaise has over 15 years of experience with Point-of-Sale software in the hospitality and retail industries. Cindy joined Micros in 1996. Her current role is Test & QA Manager for two POS applications for the Leisure and Entertainment division. Micros L & E products can be found in most major airports, hotels, stadiums, and theme parks around the world. Most recently, Cindy successfully led the testing of a porting project of a POS application from UNIX to Windows NT. She holds a BA in Business Management from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland.

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