Using Statistics to Evaluate Processes

How Do We Know We Improved?

It is often necessary or advantageous to examine differences between processes (or technologies), for the purpose of making business decisions. Statistical thinking is needed to evaluate the impact of process of other changes on organizational performance. In statistical thinking, past experience is summarized or generalized. Statistical thinking allows us to make predictions and reach conclusions.

About the author

Paul Below's picture Paul Below

Paul Below has been applying metrics in EDS since 1989. He is project Manager of the EDS Information Solutions Delivery Central Metrics Group, coordinating metrics activity for a large organization. The Central Metrics Group integrates data collection, data validation, data analysis, estimating, and metrics consulting activities. Within EDS, he is an instructor and designer for metrics training. Paul taught the graduate-level (Masters in Software Engineering) class in Software Metrics at Seattle University for two years. He has presented at numerous technical conferences. He is a member of ASA and IEEE, and a former IFPUG CFPS.

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