Test Progress Reporting Using Functional Readiness


One of the goals of testing is to find as many of the "big bugs" as possible while covering as much of the functionality as possible before the implementation date. On many projects the implementation date is not flexible and it is difficult to make a case to management for moving the date or at least considering the risk of implementing before making the decision. Management doesn't always get the "big picture" and detailed defect reports don't always reflect risk. In order to help the project team and management assess risk and make decisions during the course of the project, there needs to be a way to express testing status in a comprehensive "big picture" view. Functional readiness is a way to simply describe test status in the context of risk. The Functional Readiness Matrix (FRM) is a decision-making tool that summarizes these metrics.

About the author

Robyn Brilliant's picture Robyn Brilliant

Robyn Brilliant is a Principal Technologist in the Enterprise Architecture department at Fannie Mae. In her current position, she researches technology trends, helps define systems development processes and contributes to the definition of technology and process standards. She is a corporate expert in testing process and testing technology and is often consulted by project teams to assist in test management and test automation planning. Robyn’s past testing experience includes managing test planning and test automation for Y2K test efforts as well as test management, planning and execution for individual software projects. She has 10 years of software testing experience, including 8 years of experience with automated testing tools. Robyn has participated with other industry experts in the Austin Workshop on Test Automation (AWTA) and the Workshop on Heuristic and Exploratory Techniques (WHET). She is a Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) through the Quality Assurance Institue (QAI).

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