Test-Driven Project Management


While the test organization is normally considered the "Subject Matter Expert" within a software company, it is rarely charged with leading a software development effort. In fact, with the increased popularity of Extreme Programming and specifically the concept of Test-Driven Development (TDD), many testers are working to expand their skill sets so that they can adapt to a changing test culture where they will be viewed as part of the development organization. In this article, Scott Lazenby details some of the ways testers infuse the development mentality into their project management.

About the author

Scott Lazenby's picture Scott Lazenby

Scott Lazenby is the Test Engineering Manager for Emerging Products at Glenayre Technologies, Inc. In addition to his test management duties, he is also heavily involved with the Quality department's process improvement program and is responsible for engineering tool implementation at Glenayre. Prior engineering tool experience includes: Mercury WinRunner and LoadRunner implementation for Glenayre web-based products; SS7 call-processing tool implementation for the telecom-based products; Creating a linked summary report between the test results database and the defect tracking database; and integrating a customer-service ticket escalation mechanism between the customer-service CRM system and the engineering department's defect-tracking tool. Scott is currently evaluating model-based testing tool options. Scott attended the University of Georgia where he received his BA Management Information Systems in 1994. Scott's first visit to StarEast was in 2003.

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