Managing Virtual Teams


We are in the middle of a tremendous reassessment of the world of work as we go forth boldly into the 21st century brought about through the creative use of the Internet. Compare the way we've always done things - would it make a difference in your productivity?

About the author

Linda McInnis's picture Linda McInnis

Linda McInnis is a Vice President of Engineering for Noble Associates, Inc. In this capacity, Ms. McInnis has built departments and been an individual contributor for companies in Quality Assurance, Technical Documentation, Release Engineering, Data Operations, and Y2K. She has twenty years of industry experience in these areas both as a consultant, and as an individual and managerial contributor. She is the author of several Software Development Process models and many articles on how to develop software test and deploy it. She has also written over 100 technical manuals, white papers, and organizational, process and marketing documents. Ms. McInnis holds a B. S. in Physics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and has pursued graduate study in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. She is currently listed in Who’s Who in the East and Who’s Who of Business Leaders and is a member of the ACM and IEEE societies. Ms. McInnis also won Best Paper Award at SM/ASM2000 for her paper Relentless Application Development. She was recently elected Chair for the Boston SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network) for the 2000-2001 term. Currently she is part of a Virtual Team of Developers.

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