Four Keys to Better Test Management


There seemed to be a disjoint between development and test groups. There were four things that became very obvious to me, that were necessary to get better organized:

  1. To have a common set of ground rules on the test progress, defect reporting, and verification.
  2. Be able to convey how is testing going on a frequent basis.
  3. Be able to determine what do I need to test and stand behind the reasons why.
  4. Maintain good communication with the technical leaders to help move the product through the development phases by being proactive rather than reactive.

About the author

Chris DeNardis's picture Chris DeNardis

Chris DeNardis is a Engineering Manager, where he directs the test group for Johnson Controls Building Automation system, the Software Quality Lab and Field level Engineers. He has tried to automate much of the reporting features of testing, while keeping test process simple and easy to follow. He fosters team building and accountability. Chris has reviewed books such as "Lessons Learned in Software Testing" by Kaner, Bach, and Pettichord; and the book from Rex Black, "Critical Testing Processes." Chris is listed on the practicality gauntlet of STQE magazine as well as for StickyMinds. He monitors the Message Boards as an Industry Specialist. Chris’ philosophy is that regardless of one’s position, the most important title is "Student." Chris can be reached at or at

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